We offer six different attractions for a fun time at our indoor playground area.

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Party Rooms

Party rooms available for your birthday parties with three different package options.

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We offer special meals and drinks for both you and your child.

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Rise and Grow Indoor Playground near Secaucus, New Jersey

Rise and Grow Play Center is the newest indoor playground near Secaucus, New Jersey. Our main attractions are Trampoline, Soft play structure with slides, Inflatable slides, Toddler area with a bunch of Montessori toys, Party rooms, Climbing rock walls and Cafe.

Our Attractions


Children’s favorite area of the trampoline is where they can explore exciting new ways to be active, all while staying safe.

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Climbing Rock

Climbing rock walls help kids to improve their self-confidence. They will feel successful when they reach the top.

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Soft Play Slides

Soft play structure with slides one of the funny place for kids. There are four different slides for different ages.

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Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides are irresistible for children. Since they are inflatable, they are the safest place for having fun.

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Toddler Area

Toddler area with bunch of selected Montessori Toys will help your your baby to improve hand skills and more.

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Party Rooms

Party rooms are one of the most demanded areas in the playground. Don’t be late to book your amazing party.

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Climbing rock walls help kids to improve their self-confidence. They will feel successful when they reach the top.

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You can rent a party room for your birthday part. Choose a package from three choices and host a great party.

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Latest Reviews by Our Customers

  • 5 star review  Super clean and well equipped brand new play area. Had more than enough to entertain my 1 year old as well as 3 year old and more options for older kids as well. Bathrooms were super clean as well which is not something that other play areas have. Also very warm and friendly staff. Will be back !

    thumb Rashi Prakash

    5 star review  Very nice very clean. And very fun for kids..

    thumb Lissette Rivas

    4 star review  Enough space for playing, enough rides for kids. Great fun & good housekeeping in this though time. Sanitizing & cleaning all the time👍

    thumb Rana Jay

  • 5 star review  Went here Christmas Eve with my 1 year old daughter and 4 year old son. The staff was friendly and welcoming. The place was clean and had lots to entertain them for the 2 hours we spent there. Pricing was reasonable and I loved the fact that you could leave and come back the same day. We will definitely be returning soon maybe even for a birthday party.

    thumb misha Reese

    5 star review  A much awaited indoor play center for kids in secaucus. Very good collection of toys/activity sets really clean and well managed. We will definitely be back.

    thumb Trinanjana Mandal

    5 star review  This is the best place you can bring your kids to to play. The people are very nice and welcoming. The place is always nice and there are plenty of stations for kids to play at. Prices are reasonable as well. I just had my daughter’s birthday yesterday at this place and it was just what I expected and more. Julie was very helpful and provided me with everything I needed and wanted.

    thumb Hafeda Benounane

  • 5 star review  This space was clean, fun and entertaining for the kids. Staff were very nice and friendly. I would definitely recommend.

    thumb Tolga Gunes

    5 star review  Very clean, well maintained, indoor playground. Ample parking, easy to get to, & staff was very pleasant. my children had a great time! Would definitely recommend this place and we will definitely be returning

    thumb Step B

    5 star review  My friend had her son’s birthday here. It was very nice , Very pleasant for the children! Loved it

    thumb Natalie Santos

  • 5 star review  My son really enjoyed it here!
    As a father , I really appreciate how clean it was here. it was a very enjoyable afternoon! thank you Rise and Grow.

    thumb Serhat Sahin

    5 star review  Very spacious area with activities sprinkled along the perimeter. The best rates in the area in terms of cost of entry with no limit to the amount of time you can stay and they're OK with bringing food.

    09/2020 Update: Cafe has been stocked to be on par with other indoor playground offerings and even has a Starbucks machine. They also added more play equipment such as manually operated sit and spin, a small mechanical teacup ride and more.

    thumb Frank Badillo

    5 star review  this is a very convenience place for us to bring the kids from NYC, it just minutes away, clean and so much activities.

    thumb ugurcan bas

  • 5 star review  I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone looking to take their kids for a fun day out or to have a birthday party. I took my daughter here yesterday for her 3rd birthday party and everyone had a blast. What was supposed to be a small group of 10 turn into 17 kids!! Levent helped me out in getting a room, because we were just planning on bringing a small cake and cutting in the cafe area, which would not have worked out at all! Super helpful and accommodating. The facility is nice, clean and very safe for children. We definitely will be going again!

    thumb Shereem

    5 star review  This is THE BEST place for kids, especially young toddlers. It is spacious, fun, lots of room to walk and run, the employees are great, friendly, caring. I live this place. The price and the hours work great for me!

    thumb Evelyn Chavez

    5 star review  We visited Rise & Grow for the first time for my 6 year old Daughter’s classmate. The staff members were very friendly and accommodating, including at the front desk to the party hosts. My husband and I are very big on cleanliness, having 3 children; especially during flu season. We were both so happy to see that the facility was very clean & play areas were organized. There was even a gentleman cleaning periodically to ensure tidiness. The bathroom was clean, no odor whatsoever. We absolutely appreciate being able to take our kids to a clean bathroom (Thank you!). The place is very spacious, so kids can run wild, without getting too close to the different play areas. Our 2 year old was very entertained & was able to play in several areas. Our 6 year old had a blast. Even our 11 year old son ran & laughed & played in every area, when we thought he might not enjoy it as much. Overall, it was a great indoor playground. We’ll definitely throw our own party here in the summer. We’d also visit here just to let the kids play, rather than some less desirable places further away and more expensive. Last, but not least, the pizza was served at a good temperature. Not lukewarm or cold. The other food at the party looked wonderful & very neatly laid out (Fresh fruit, sandwiches, and an array of other goodies).

    thumb Nicfent

  • 5 star review  This place is amazing. My son loves it. Clean, friendly staff, they rotate in new stuff and very affordable. Not too busy and I like how during birthdays, the characters will stop and high five or whatever w all the kids not just the birthday ones...very democratic lol. just wish they had a better cafe but I understand thats in the work.

    thumb D Miller

    5 star review  This is an amazing huge playground!
    We had a true great experience every time we visited. My daughter celebrated her 5th bday there too!
    The stuff is extremely helpful and kind. Everything is super clean too.

    Trust me, kids will never agree to leave 🙂

    thumb Jelena Randelovic

    5 star review  Very clean, well maintained, indoor playground. Ample parking, easy to get to, & staff was very pleasant. my children had a great time! Would definitely recommend this place and we will definitely be returning

    thumb Step B


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