Our Main Attractions


Children’s favorite area of the trampoline is where they can explore exciting new ways to be active, all while staying safe.

Soft Play Structure

Soft play structure with slides one of the funny place for kids. There are four different slides for different ages.

Inflatable Slides

Inflatable slides are irresistible for children. Since they are inflatable, they are the safest place for having fun.

Toddler Area

Toddler area with bunch of Montessori Toys will help your your baby to improve hand skills and more.

Party Rooms

Party rooms are one of the most demanded areas. Don't be late to book your amazing party.

Climbing Rock Walls

Climbing rock walls help kids to improve their self-confidence. They will feel successful when they reach the top.

Socks Required

You may question why you need to wear socks during the play in an indoor playground. The answer is simple. The first reason is safety and protection and the other one is preventing your kids from diseases.

Feel Free to Request a Information

Rise and Grow Play Center is located on near New Jersey.

Our main mission is being the safest place for your kids while they are having fun. We have 7 different attractions including a cafe for your kids and you. Also, we offer party rooms for your unique organizations.

To get more information about the Rise and Grow Play Center, please feel free to fill the form. We will be get in touch with you as soon as possible.